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It’s almost the end of the school year,UNFORTUNATELY…,

there are now 37 HS students with overdue books from the school library. There are 70 MS students with overdue books from the school library. PLEASE, help your child or children look for these books and return them to the school library ASAP. If the books are lost, they will need to be paid for.

Statements for unreturned books’ costs will be sent to parents next week!

Remember to…

BLOOM and GROW with books!



MS/HS Librarian

New Town Public School


April is Poetry month at New Town MS HS Library.

April also means National Library Week (April 7-11).  Since the school year is almost over, this is the time of year to begin

 “hunting” and searching for those library books that were checked out, but, didn’t make it back to the library.

In order to have the students feel engaged in this activity, there will be a contest between the middle school students (6-8 graders, and high school students (9-12 graders), to see which group can return the highest percentage of overdue library books  to the school library.

By getting overdue library books back to the library, this enables the school to purchase more new books and resources instead of spending money on replacement copies, which are not always available.

Happy Easter to everyone, students, parents and staff, and, “Hop To It and Read Everybody, It’s Sugar-free Fun.”

Angie Schneider

MS/HS Librarian


March is Native American Women’s History Month including important, influential MHA Nation women.

A display of books on important women in history, Native American culture/food, and, printouts on MHA women is on display at the library. Teachers and students are invited to stop in at the library and look at the display during the month of March.


New Town MS/HS Librarian


February is Reading Month at New Town Public School. It is also Black History Month

This year’s theme is: Read S’More Books ( you guessed it, a play on words with S’More meaning:  some more.

Contest #1: Students will be able to check out books as in years past and get a small treat and a ticket with their name on it will go  into  a bucket. Each week a winner will be named.

Winners will be invited to a S’Mores party at the library.( S’More bookmarks will also be available at the library. Posters will be hung all over the Middle and High school promoting this month long event).

Contest #2: Students can also sign up to read 3 or more book genres and 3 or more book formats. The top readers will also be given a S’mores party. (Students must not have ANY overdue books to participate in the contests).

In addition to the above, the 6th grade Library students will do a weaving activity on Feb. 5 with Mrs. Sandstrom, the Art teacher and the 7th grade Library students will do a cooking activity on Feb. 14 and 15th with Mrs. Ehley, the FACS teacher. Mr. Charlie Moran will be holding hand games for his and Ms. Foxs’ Tribal Ed/Native Studies students during the month as well.

Black History month will be celebrated all month long with posters and biographies of famous African-Americans on display. These books can all be check out from the school library.


Remember to Read S’More Books In February!


MS/HS Librarian


It is January, that means snow, cold, snowmen, and, of course curling up with a good book. Students and Staff…

can help themselves to winter themed books marks as well as books and use the desktop computers at the library.

Students are able to select from over $1,000.00 in new paperback books that were ordered this past November from Scholastic as well as other new hardback fiction, and new nonfiction from ABDO. The school library also has many new graphic novels that are popular with all ages of students AND a brand new state-of-the-art printer.

ALL students are encouraged to have a recreational or topical book checked out for those times when they have their classroom work finished and the bell has not yet rung . New and old issues of magazines can also be checked out from the library.

Next month is READING MONTH…more on that to come!

SEASON’S READINGS from the Library!


New Town MS/HS Librarian

INTERESTING FACT: Students who are NOT reading proficiently by grade 4 are 4 times more likely to drop out of school!!!



Students are now able to check out many new fiction and nonfiction books that were recently purchased from Scholastic Inc.

Students at New Town Middle School have been busy researching Science topics with Ms. Berwick and Mrs. Hunter. Library Skills students have been learning how to correctly cite sources used for research, and have also been looking at how to use reference tools such as Atlases, Almanacs, Dictionaries, etc.  Library Skills students have also been reviewing for their final test which will be on December 17th. Students who miss that day, will need to make up their test later that week in order to avoid an Incomplete for the course.  

Mr. Weyrauch’s students have been busy researching the topic of illegal drugs. Students used book sources as well as digital sources to create a Power Point on their topic. Students were taught how to correctly cite and create a bibliography for their project. Mr. Helphrey’s students have also recently done Science research at the library.


Ms. Schneider

MS/HS Librarian


We are off to a new school year!

The MS/HS Library is up and running with many new fiction and nonfiction books to pick from.

Students with unreturned books from last year will need to return or pay for their books before checking out books this year.


There are also new graphic novels and short stories!

The Library has a computer cart of laptops this year in addition to 9 student computers !

Brain Hive eReading will again be offered for students/teachers.

6th grade logins and access will be ready soon!

Remember to “Fall For A Good Book”!!


MS/HS Librarian


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